Our Vision

To inspire and educate academic scholars, young and old, and to imbue in them a thirst for knowledge, a curiosity, and a drive to work in and contribute towards their ...

Our Mission

To organize seminars, conferences, workshops, orientation and refresher courses for new academics as well as veterans to help them connect with others in their field ...

Our Objectives

To nurture an atmosphere where academics remain inspired to learn and teach, and become models to other academics and, above all, to society. To ensure that the ...

Vice Chancellor's Message

I am extremely happy to note that the UGC-Human Resource Development Centre, Karnatak University, Dharwad is annually bringing out ‘About Us’ – a booklet of their activities, assessment, feedback for open scrutiny for the year 2017-18.

This in my opinion is a matter of accountability which every public institution should be involved in. As a stakeholder of these public institutions, their knowhow about these institutions and their functioning is a must. Apart the Website they have, the UGC-HRDC persuades people to write for their ‘HR Stream’ – a monthly magazine and annually brings out ‘About Us’. I wish more of University Institutions also believe in these progressive steps.

I wish UGC-Human Resource Development Centre the best.

(Prof. Pramod B. Gai)
Vice Chancellor

Director's Message

UGC-Human Resource Development Centre, Karnatak University, Dharwad has been bringing out ‘About Us’ since 2015. The intension of this is to showcase ourselves in public the activities of our institutions and the opinions of our participants. This gives us an insight into the kind of activities that we are doing, its relevance and how we should plan ahead.

However we do not want to be satisfied only with this small step of self assessment in order to have our existence made relevant to the social needs through imparting Orientation Programmes, Refresher Courses, Short term courses, Summer/Winter School Programmes to teachers. We also propose to reach out to the stakeholders to lend ourselves for their scrutiny.

It is in this direction that we have brought this latest ‘About Us’ and sending it across to some of our friends and stakeholders at random.

As an experiment, we look forward to share their opinions, criticism, observations in the forthcoming ‘About Us’. We do believe that path to achievement lies in “only being the best” and this is our motto.

We look forward for your guidance.
Thanking you.

(Prof. Harish Ramaswamy)